If you are like one of us, who loves great quotes and also wants to share your own collection of popular quotes than good news for you, as we are open to receive quotes from anyone who has good collection of famous quotes. But, like everyone else we have some guidelines and rules for Quote submission and the good news is that all the rules are fairly very simple. This section is dedicated to let you inform about the guidelines and rules for submitting quotes in our site.


Quotation of whom you can submit?

First of all our goal is to be a place where quote loving people can come and experience the most famous quotes by some of the great persons of their respective fields in the history.  Most of the visitors or who comes for great piece of quotation searches for quotes from the famous personalities and to attract the mass number of visitors we also promotes the most famous quote more than those ones which are not that much famous.  But as this is the kind of place that wants to be the home of all kinds of quotation we receive all kinds of quotations with warm heart as long as that fits our preferred categories and types. 

Like most of the quote searchers out there we are also interested in quotes by the most famous public figures in history and great peoples around the world. Specially quotes by those people who are getting attention of millions of people across the world for their work. Who’s work and passion has got an impact in their field and in the public mind.

We would like to mention this that we do not accept nor publish any kinds of quotes or dialogues from movies, comic books or characters, TV shows, cartoons and cartoon characters and things like these. All the quotes you are willing to submit and share with us and thus with our visitors from around the world must be from worldwide renowned and famous persons.

Famous figures of various fields like news medium, religious, sports, business, science, politics, journalism, medical field, celebrities of showbiz etc can be quoted.


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